Sorry I'm the actual worst

I'm really confused with blogger's new everything so please bear with me if this post is really wonky. I haven't posted since MARCH I'm the worst


lace turtleneck- thrift (2.00)
skirt- target (15.00)
tights- urban outfitters
belt- from childhood??
shoes- thrift (12.00)



I think I set this post up months ago and these pictures were taken last winter I think?? Anyways I really really want to start outfit blogging again, I say that every time I post but it's true! I think I need another outlet and I need something to spark some more creativity into my outfits.



A lot of things are different since I posted last...I'm in college now??? I'm at Drexel University in Philadelphia majoring in Design & Merchandising (capitalized bc that's my actual major and not just two things).  So I'm going the fashion route right now! I'm not completely positive that this is what I'm going to continue in, because I'm interested in so many things and I don't know that this is what I'm meant to do, but I'm trying it and seeing how it goes.  I really like Philly and I'll post more about that later.  I will post.  I will post I will post I will post

((I love this belt everyone tells me it looks like it's a five-year-old's and that's why I like it))

Speaking of changes I'm a completely different person than I was when I used to post..so if I do continue posting (I will!!!) don't expect me to be the same! It's all for the best, it was about time I grew up a little.  I hope you guys have all been doing really well.  I need to check out outfit blogs and see what's going on because I haven't been doing much of that lately.


I haven't been taking many outfit photos lately but I have a ton saved up on my computer (and when I say a ton I mean at least hundreds?? oops) so I'll post a bunch of them and then maybe I'll take some photos of things I've bought recently? Would that be okay idk

I'v missed being here. Have a lovely Saturday everyone!  If you read this, say hello so I know some people are still up on this!


Hello there, and goodbye again



bowler hat- target (3.75)
sweater- stolen from my dad
dress- thrift
scarf- forever 21
elephant necklace- forever 21
patent oxfords- anthropologie (20.00)

This sweater makes me look really frumpy but it's super comfortable so I don't mind. I've stolen so many articles of clothing from my dad, and sometimes I'd feel bad about it but he always ends up telling me he never wore it anyways and that he'd rather I have it. So it works out really well!


This isn't a fantastic outfit by any means, but I found these photos and there were only a few, so I figured it'd be pretty easy to make a post. I'm trying to blog more. Trying trying trying.

A really great photo I thought I should include

I hope you all have reasons to smile, and good books to read.


A wild blog post appeared


sweater- stolen from my dad
skirt- thrift (4.00)
tights- forever 21 (5.00)
boots- target (17.50)

To anyone still following this thing, hey! How are you? You've read my apologies on this thing a million times so I'll just sum it up really briefly and say I AM TERRIBLY SORRY and I'm not yelling at you okay the caps are merely an attempt at emphasizing how sorry I am.

Instead of outfit blogging, I've really just been bumming around tumblr lately, and I think it may be becoming a negative thing. I'm just going to copy a post I wrote on tumblr last night, if y'all don't mind.


Lately I’ve been really bored with my style choices (I couldn’t think of a less awkward way to say that so there it is) and it’s really bothering me. I feel like I’ve become too influenced by trends and what’s flattering, where I used to completely ignore that and wear whatever the hell I wanted to. I’ve just gotten really lazy and I don’t know, it bothers me because I used to love wearing really ridiculous things and experimenting with clothes and I’ve just fallen into this weird rut.


I need to get inspired and find my own style again. I want to fall back into reading blogs and magazines and things that focus on personal style. And get back to posting on my outfit blog..maybe that’ll inspire me to be a little bit more creative. It’s one of the things that makes me happiest and for some reason I’ve been ignoring it lately and it’s weird and I don’t like it.



I'm sorry for the mirror photos but I figure that at least with this lens (which is new! :) ) they're of decent quality and it's better than nothing? Right? This is also a pretty basic outfit, forgive me!



My two new pairs of shoes from target! The boots are now the warmest shoes I own. I'm going to start another post tonight just so I start posting more consistently. I hope you're all doing well! :)


Cringing at the grain

This is a crappy webcam photo of what I wore today.
I feel awful putting up such a poor quality photo but I do need to start posting more so I figured this was better than nothing?

grandma sweater- savers (4.00)
polka dot top- ann taylor loft
skirt- hand-me-down from steph
tights- forever 21 (5.00)
heels(over in the corner)- savers (6.00)

How's your day going?


What you don't have now will come back again.

polka dot croptop- savers (3.00)
skirt- selfmade (idk cost of fabric)
shoes- handmedown (nada)
bike necklace & antler ring- forever 21 (1.50 necklace, 4ish ring)






These photos were taken in July. Since then I've lost the bicycle necklace, which was my favorite. I've lost a great friendship, and we've lost the daylight. But I can feel new things coming around the bend with the brisk air. My lips are chapped and my head is heavy, but it gets lighter every now and then, and I feel hopeful. I'm clinging to that hope. I'm reading again, as much as I can, and losing myself in other places better than the one I'm in. I'm painting, all the time, and feeling inspired. I'm driving, and I feel independent and free. I'm applying for a job soon. I'm redecorating my room. I'm getting a B in calculus. Better things are coming, and I'll be okay. I'll be better than okay.



My mother took these photos. I think she's becoming quite handy with the camera! We were in the mountains of North Carolina, visiting my grandparents. They live across the street from this huge christmas tree farm, and the most stunning sunsets fall over the trees.



I've realized that I it's a complete shame that I take so many thousands of photos and no one ever sees them because I don't put them up anywhere. My laptop is currently broken so that makes it a bit more difficult but I am going to start uploading them, all of them..







I hope you all are doing well. Remember to smile today.