Cringing at the grain

This is a crappy webcam photo of what I wore today.
I feel awful putting up such a poor quality photo but I do need to start posting more so I figured this was better than nothing?

grandma sweater- savers (4.00)
polka dot top- ann taylor loft
skirt- hand-me-down from steph
tights- forever 21 (5.00)
heels(over in the corner)- savers (6.00)

How's your day going?


  1. super cute!
    and yes, i agree. any pictures are better than no pictures.

  2. That cardigan looks so cozy:) Love the tights too! Oh and yeah your tumblr is like my daily feed now!

  3. 2 posts in one week? lovely surprise :)
    and dont worry, i think i speak for the rest of your followers when i say that i'd rather see a webcam pic than no picture at all

  4. Ohh, your skirt looks truly amazing! <3 I love that colour!

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